Wines We Love: Rosé-tastic!

Ontañón Clarete 2015, Rioja, Spain

With June fast approaching it’s the time of year when Rosé comes into its own. A versatile drop… chilled to perfection it makes for a fab aperitif, a great partner to a picnic or barbecue.

Admittedly, my go-to rosé tends to be a pale, crisp, flavourful Côtes de Provence however the intriguing Spanish newcomer, Ontañón Clarete 2015 has taken pride of place this month. It ticks all of my favourite rosé boxes. A pretty pale pink wine with delicately fruity and vibrant aromas. The palate layers the softest, juicy red berries with a citrus freshness, minerality and a deliciously dry yet gentle finish.

Uncomplicated yet very appealing and dangerously easy to drink, it is just the ticket for a sunny Summer’s evening.

Clarete isn’t your average rosé, it’s particular to the Rioja region and though it may be similar to other pinks the main difference lies in the wine-making process. After carefully selecting and harvesting the ripest white and black grapes in this case, Viura and Tempranillo, all grapes are pressed and macerated together. Unlike other rosés, skin and juice contact is continued during fermentation, albeit for a short time, to obtain the desired character and colour.

So don’t be afraid to break away from your rosé comfort zone this month, you won’t be disappointed Ontañón Clarete is a great pre-dinner drink and even better with tapas!

Pick up a bottle for £10.50, 0a cracking £9.45 to wine club members