…until it’s an acceptable time to enjoy a glass of our fabulous wine.

Wines We Love! The Musical Red…


Coteaux du Vendômois “Le Carillon de Vendôme” Montagne Blanche, 2014.

Well there’s a mouthful for you.  Just ask us for the musical red and we’ll know what you mean!  Le Carillon de Vendôme is a nursery rhyme dating back to the 15th Century and is believed to be France’s oldest folk song.  The song is connected to the city of Vendome on the banks of the Loir, a tributary of the Loire proper.  It’s there that this fabulous wine is produced through a collaborative effort by 20 growers who harvest grapes to be vinified through a local co-operative under the appellation of Coteaux du Vendômois.

We discovered this wine at a recent tasting with one of our smaller, specialist suppliers.  He likes finding unusual, interesting wines from smaller producers and that approach is right up our street too.  What makes this blend of Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc unusual is the addition of Pineau d’Aunis – the signature grape of the area with a very distinctive flavour.  It adds a hit of white pepper spice to the dark fruit notes of it’s companion grapes.  We found it to be soft, juicy and spicy.  A fabulous light and fresh summer red with light tannins and a dry finish.  Think in terms of roast or barbequed chicken with a summery salad and you’re in the right zone.

I’m a huge fan of wines from the Loire – it’s one of my “go to” sections when grabbing a bottle for personal consumption at home .  An often over-looked region that offers great value for money and this little cracker is no exception at just £11.00 a bottle – only £9.90 to wine club members.

So for under a tenner you have a wine that’s genuinely interesting on account of that white pepper hit and you’ll be supporting the “little guys” in the co-operative too.  Definitely a Wine We Love and well deserving of it’s place in this month’s Select 6 case.