Wines We Love – A moreish Mourvèdre!

Savoir-Faire d’Autrefois Mourvèdre 2013 Languedoc, France £10

‘Intriguing, luxurious and wild’… Now you’re talking! A wine that oozes all of the ingredients of a good time.

Intriguing… Well, that will be the fascinating combo of aromas and flavours, sweet spice and jammy nose joined with the dark fruit and savoury palate. All of which are  effortlessly balanced by an unexpected and appealing freshness.

Luxurious… This red certainly has a suave ‘Savoir-Faire’- the ability to adapt to all social situations. Layer upon layer of rich and tantalising flavour, sumptuous dark cherries and chocolate lie in the mix. Silky in texture and with perfectly present tannins all thanks to the use of fine french oak.

Wild… Look no further than the grape variety…

You may not recognise the name Mourvèdre but I’m sure you will have met before! This black grape variety is grown in many regions around the world, Rhône, Provence, Valencia, South Australia to name a few. Often under a different guise, in Spain it is called Monastrell and in Australia, Mataro. And if you are still unsure of your acquaintance… In Côtes du Rhône this grape variety buddies up with Grenache and Syrah in a popular blend where it complements its friends with its deep colour, fruit, savoury character and tannin. Such is the popularity of this blend that winemakers in Southern Australia, California and Spain are producing some fabulous ‘GSM’ reds.

Mourvèdre takes a little taming and Savoir-Faire has certainly image
succeeded in softening its unruly edges. The small and thick skinned berries produce deep coloured wine with bags of character, dark fruit, savoury, and fragrant but can also be incredibly punchy in tannin and alcohol levels requiring attention in vineyard and winery alike.

The winemakers of Savoir-Faire have given their Mourvèdre a little TLC. In the vineyard they have carefully managed 15 year old low-yielding vines, which worship the heat but need plenty of water, to produce tip-top quality fruit. Then in the winery the juice is divided into 22 fine French oak barrels and aged for 18 months, the barrels allow for subtle oxygenation which has a softening effect on the tannins and concentrates the aromas and flavours in the wine whilst adding a little toastiness.

Bold, sleek and downright delicious Savoir-faire is a great match for a hearty casserole or grilled red meats though i would be sourly tempted to enjoy a glass on its own first!

Great value at £10 a bottle and even more so at £9 for Wine Club members.