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Fizzy Bum Bum Pét Nat. SOLD OUT but will return in 2021

BinTwo’s Fizzy Bum Bum is gently sparkling, fresh and youthful with bright strawberry, grapefruit and peach flavours. Unfiltered to retain flavour and a slightly creamy texture, this elegant wine drinks very well on its own but also goes nicely with smoked salmon, shellfish or light canapés. The perfect party wine or even – as it contains less alcohol – ideal for an indulgent breakfast (Hey! No judgement here!

At BinTwo we love a project and when we developed an itch to make our own wine, we turned to our good friends Liz and Engin from Trevibban Mill Vineyard just outside Padstow. We bought a small batch of exceptional English Pinot Noir and with the help of winemaking guru Salvatore Leone, we decided to make something a little different. Something fun and light-hearted. Something that doesn’t take itself too seriously but something made meticulously, with minimal intervention and an unerring focus on quality. We decided to make Cornwall’s first Pét Nat.

Pétillant Naturel – affectionately known as ‘Pét Nat’ – is French for ‘Naturally Sparkling’ and is a way of making sparkling wine that pre-dates the Champagne method.  We pressed our whole bunch grapes with care and introduced a little Italian yeast known to be great for making sparkling wine. This clever little organism works in a way that helps preserve the wine naturally meaning that we didn’t need to add any sulphites.

Like all Pét Nats, we bottled our wine before fermentation was complete. As the yeast devoured the last of the natural sugars in the juice, it produced alcohol and carbon dioxide as by-products (go yeast!) In the sealed bottle the carbon dioxide had nowhere to go other than into the wine thereby producing a lovely, gentle fizz.

A super-yeast capable of such wizardry deserves a grand title. Sadly, its name is Bum Bum. Life isn’t always fair. To compensate for this injustice, we honoured our yeasty friend by naming our wine ‘Fizzy Bum Bum’. The fact that it appeals to our puerile sense of humour is purely coincidental.

Only 300 bottles available.

ABV: 10 % vol

pH: 3.18

Reducing Sugars: <2%

Total SO2: 6.4 ppm

No added sulphites

Suitable for vegans



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Price per case (up to 12 bottles):

England and Wales £10

Scotland and Northern Ireland £10
Ireland £25

Free delivery in Cornwall for orders over £50 (local delivery on Friday)

Free delivery in England and Wales for case price over £150

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