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Cancedda O Connell GnG V4, Sardinia

This very cryptic title translates as “Mick O Connell made Grenache in Sardinia in 2018”. Due to the wonderful rules of the wine world although that is actually what he did he can’t call it that because he didn’t make it the way they require him to make it! Rather than the tanned-leather, primed, more alcoholic than the bus on the way to the school disco style of “Classic Sardinia” Mick has made the first kiss. Silence, poise, the perfume of dew on fresh flowers, cherry lip balm and tension to make your heart stop but so sippable that you can’t stop. In a glass of wine are you f-ing joking??? Nope. By the glass at Bin Two if we can stay open or by mail order for your own first kiss flashback if we can’t.



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Price per case (up to 12 bottles):

England and Wales £10

Scotland and Northern Ireland £10
Ireland £25

Free delivery in Cornwall for orders over £50 (local delivery on Friday)

Free delivery in England and Wales for case price over £150

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