It’s in the bag!

Mark from Chateau Civrac tells us about his step into the brave new world of producing a decent wine contained in a box.

When Hamish Anderson (writer and wine buyer for Tate) first approached me with the idea of creating this wine, I was unsure about the potential market for good quality wine in this type of packaging. However, I was convinced by the Eco arguments and so the first ‘posh bag in box’ concept was born combining an easy drinking red Bordeaux wine with ultra contemporary packaging and minimalist modern art.  There is also no technical reason not to put a good quality wine in a box: shelf life is actually longer and the wine keeps far better after opening – up to 15 days in fact!  As an added bonus there is a 30% weight saving and therefore associated reductions in transport costs and the packaging is cheaper too.


Indigo is packaged in a three-litre box and is on sale at BinTwo for just £30.  The equivalent bottle price would be £40 so the overall effect of this packaging to the customer is better value wine which keeps much better once opened…what’s not to like!

So really with the bag in box packaging we just have a perception issue that needed to be confronted. With the support of Tate and the help of my old school friend and artist David Pearce we designed a new type of packaging that presented the wine in a more elegant contemporary fashion.  The box depicts bobbing boats in a harbour and has been compared by some to the rather funky packaging used by Apple…we’re happy with that compliment!



I chose the name “Indigo” for the wine as a nod to my childhood, which was spent here on the Cornish coast.  I like to choose unusual names for my wines and I grew up next to the sea so Indigo seemed a perfect fit. Cabernet has a fantastic blue bloom on it, so it’s also a nod to that.

Indigo blends soft plummy Merlot with rich Cabernet berries from my 2012 vintage.  The wine is ready for immediate drinking and a juicy, easy-drinker it is too with aromas of cherry and blackcurrent and a light oak finish.  At 12% abv it makes for a nice fresh red option for Spring which is just around the corner (honestly!)