Flight Club #6 – Champagne Saturday 10th December

What’s Flight Club?  I’m glad you asked… it’s a series of informal tasting events where we combine a little bit education with a healthy dollop of fun.  You get to taste some lovely stuff in an ever so slightly structured way so that, if you wish to, you can learn a little bit more about wine.  But we’ll keep things light so that if all you want to do is try some different bits and bobs, you won’t feel like you’ve been dropped into night school.  We provide you with little crib cards with just enough information to cover the basics and a bit of room for your own notes so that, as Flight Club progresses, you can build a pocket sized compendium of wine facts.

Our sixth outing is the one you’ve all been waiting for judging by the number of advanced bookings we have…CHAMPAGNE!!!  Excited?  You should be because we’re really pushing the boat out on this occasion.  John Atkinson (Master of Wine and all round nice guy) will be on hand to guide us through a tasting of six (yes SIX) different champagnes from Billecart-Salmon – our very favourite champagne house.

As we’re approaching Christmas we’ll pull back a little on the “schooling” element to allow more time to have a bit of a festive champagne party.  We’ll be opening some incredibly special bottles for you to try and, because we’re good to you, the “tasters” will be a quite generous half glass measure with a full glass of whichever we choose to accompany your food (I’m vacillating between the Brût Rosé and the Blanc de Blanc).

That’s a whole lot of fizz already but we’ll be running a champagne bar for a while after the normal 9.30 Flight Club finishing time for those of you who’d like to enjoy an extra glass or two…we like to think we know our customers (dancing is not compulsory but is definitely not discouraged)!

More details?  OK then – you’ll be quaffing the following gems:

billecart-topBillecart-Salmon Brût (£39.50)

Billecart-Salmon Brût Sous Bois (£65)

Billecart-Salmon Brût Rosé (£60)

Billecart-Salmon Blanc de Blanc (£62.50)

Billecart-Salmon Vintage 2006 Extra Brût (£65.50)

Billecart-Salmon Blanc de Blanc 2004 (£60)




All of which means you’ll be sampling the lion’s share of a bottle of Champagne.  That’s a whole lot of fizz already but we’ll be running a champagne bar for a while after the normal 9.30 finishing time for our Flight Club events for those of you who’d like to do your homework and enjoy an extra glass or two of bubbly… we like to think we know our customers!

oysters-slateAs if that wasn’t enough we’ll be upping the ante on the food offering too!  The lovely Katy Davidson (otherwise known as the Oyster Lady) from Amity Seafood will be providing the catering which is looking something like:

  • Cornish Oysters
  • Potted Lobster in Pernod Butter with Cayenne and Nutmeg served with Sourdough toast.
  • Main Style Crab salad rolls with homemade Amity mayonnaise on a sweet brioche.
  • Something sweet…

Katy will be demonstrating the art of shucking oysters by way of introduction to an Oyster Masterclass that we’re planning for early in the New Year (watch this space)!  We won’t be letting you loose with the knives on this occasion (highly entertaining though that might be) but I’m not sure our insurance is up to it!


As to the price…well it’s higher than for our usual Flight Club events for sure but then this isn’t really your average event!  The price to enjoy just the Champagnes you’re sampling would be around £50 were you to drink them in BinTwo but, with some generous support from Billecart, with “Mate’s Rates” from Amity Seafood and with a bit of discount from us by way of thanks to our “students”, we’ve been able to bring the price in at a very modest £60 per person.

The event will be held at our Hub at Hawksfield between Wadebridge and Padstow between 7pm and 9.30pm with a cash bar opening until 10.30 (ish).

BOOK NOW and pay on line to confirm your places or email  Let us know if you’d like transport (or if you have spaces in a car available) and we’ll co-ordinate taxis and/or car shares from Padstow.