fresh lobster for lobster roll in padstow

Feeling a bit crabby?

It’s been a long, wet winter but there’s recently been reason to hope the worst is behind us.  And as if to provide sure-fired confirmation that Spring has finally sprung, this weekend sees the return of our hugely popular Maine Lobster Rolls to the BinTwo menu.  What’s a lobster roll?  I’m glad you asked…

imageHailing from Maine, New England in the U.S of A, lobster rolls are a simple, but luscious combination of chunkily chopped lobster meat, a touch of seasoning, a squeeze of lemon juice, a little chopped celery, a dusting of paprika and a cautious dollop of mayonnaise – just enough to bind the mix together – served in a soft finger bun.

Maine’s a long way to go for such a gastronomic delight so we’ve come up with a local version using the freshest lobster from the Padstow Shellfish Company and buns from the Chough Bakery just around the corner.




crabThis year we’ve added hand-picked dressed crab to the menu served simply with a wedge of lemon and a chunk of crusty campigrain bread.  Because when shellfish is this good that’s all you need!  Like our lobster, our crab comes from the local day boats of the Padstow Shellfish Company.  You’ll have the quiet satisfaction of knowing that your meal was caught and landed a stone’s throw from where you’re sitting.  For a heightened sense of worthiness pair it with one of our local wines and you’ll have hit upon the most decadent sustainable dining solution known to man.

Well done for doing your bit!