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Chocolate & Wine Tasting 14th & 18th February

No matter your background, career aspirations, musical taste or married status, one thing many of us have in common is a love of chocolate… and wine!

Did you know that the process of making chocolate is similar to that of wine? Fermentation occurs in both cocoa beans and grape juice by contact with naturally occurring yeasts present in cocoa pulp and on the skin of grapes. In chocolate production, this fermentation process helps develop the flavour profile and eliminates many tannins. For decades, researchers have been working on improving cocoa fermentation by controlling the types of yeast used and they have discovered that the same species of yeast used in beer and wine production works particularly well. What a coincidence!

Despite the affinity for one another, wine and chocolate does not always go handchocolate heart mouth in hand. Bitterness and tannins, present in both chocolate and wine, actually fight for the same receptors on the tongue resulting in an unpleasant taste experience. Fortunately however, there are a number of pairings which are very complimentary of each other and provide the ultimate sensory experience, often described as orgasmic. Ooh err!

Single/Dating/Married/Engaged/It’s Complicated/Desperate/Confused/Bitter/Broken Hearted/Other… come along and tantalise your taste buds with what we think is a match made in heaven.

No need to book, just come along and sample 5 delectable chocolate variations with 5 different wines from around the world as part of an intimate tasting for two or an informal experience for one or more.

For a group of 6+ please give Harriet a heads up at

We will be holding two sessions in February:

Tuesday 14th February (VALENTINES DAY!) – 5pm-9pm
Saturday 18th February – 12pm-9pm

Price per person £15

For more information contact