Meet the Master part 2 – Saturday 27th April

On Saturday 27th April, 7 – 9pm at BinTwo, Padstow we’ll be bringing you one Master of Wine, some fabulous wines and a menu of nibbles from the ARC Speciality Food Store.  18 lucky customers will be able to taste the wines, hear the stories behind them and meet the man who liberated them from a dreadful fate…

Richard Kelley, Master of Wine is the brains behind “the Liberator” range of wines.  Under the guise of his alter ego (the Cape Crusader) Richard tours South Africa seeking our small parcels of wine that have been forgotten, abandoned or have simply been undiscovered.  Great wines that, for a range of reasons, haven’t fitted into the winemaker’s plans for that year.  It might be an occasional experimental batch, or possibly an interesting off-cut from some proud winemaker’s latest premium release.  Whatever the reason they are great wines that are destined to be sold off to become part of a blend.  Or worse, to languish in the cellar with no buyer at all – and that really would be a crime.  Richard finds these small, one-off parcels and sells them on to better homes.  He liberates them you see… and so a brand was born.



Achieving MW status is rather a big deal in the wine trade (bonus fact: more people have been into space than there are people who’ve achieved MW  status).  So when a Master of Wine goes searching for special wines that he’s happy to put his name to it’s a fair bet that they’re good ‘uns.  Liberator wines always come in small batches and when they’re gone they’re gone – never to be repeated so don’t miss out!

The final line-up has yet to be finalised but will include 6 – 8 interesting and varied South African wines.  Wines that aren’t widely available and that you won’t have the opportunity to taste again.  Not to be missed… BUY NOW



Meet the Master – Saturday 23rd March…


On Saturday 23rd March, 7 – 9pm at BinTwo, Padstow we’ll be bringing you one Master of Wine, eight great new wines and a menu of nibbles from the ARC Speciality Food Store.  18 lucky customers will be the first to taste the wines, hear the stories behind them and meet the man who made them…

We’re always on the look out for new suppliers.  People who get what we’re about and who bring us authentic, interesting wines.  Wines with a story that we can get behind and sell to you with conviction because they’re wine’s that we love ourselves.

Liam Steevenson is such a man and his wines are the latest addition to the BinTwo line up.  Liam is one of four Masters of Wine that we work with.  Achieving MW status is rather a big deal in the wine trade and Liam is the youngest person ever to attain the qualification (bonus fact: more people have been into space than there are people who’ve achieved MW  status).

Working in close partnership with local winemakers, Liam has produced a range of wines that we’re really excited to introduce to the BinTwo shelves:    The line up includes:

  • A cracking “every day” Picpoul from the Languedoc,
  • three stunning reds from Roussillon (including my new favourite mid-week tipple and a properly unctuous desert wine),
  • from New Zealand two really interesting examples of just how versatile Sauvignon Blanc can be inn the right hands.  Unmistakably from Malborough but much more subtle than many of the zingy fruit bombs that we’re accustomed to from that region,
  • from Central Otago in New Zealand, the best kiwi Pinot Noir I’ve tasted in a while – refined, bright and silky,
  • and, to cap it all, a properly bonkers Syrah from India (sure to divide opinion but I think we might just have found the perfect red to go with curry).

£30 per person.  Only 18 tickets available so don’t delay… BUY NOW


Organic & Biodynamic Wine Tasting – 26th May

The word in the trade is that customer interest in organic and biodynamic wines continues to grow.  That’s certainly been our experience at BinTwo and even more so over at our sister business, The ARC Speciality Food Store.

So what’s all the hype about?  Can you actually taste the difference?  What does organic and biodynamic even mean in the context of wine?  Well, you could read our previous blog on the topic or, if you’re more of a practically minded student, you could come along to our free drop-in tasting on Saturday 26th May.  From 12.30 until 5.00pm (ish) we’ll be opening up six fabulous examples of new organic and biodynamic wines courtesy of our newest supplier, North South Wines.

No need to book.  Just pop in, have a free taster and see what you think.  We’ll have the wines on sale by the glass  if you find you’d like to settle in for a little longer and we’ll also be putting the wines together into this month’s Select 6 case which, as you know, means that you get six fabulous wines for the price of five!  (In fact if you’d like a preview of what we’ll be tasting, check out this month’s Select 6 notes).

James Reina from North South Wines will be on hand to answer any questions you might have and to tell you as much (or as little) as you’d like to know about the wonderful world of organic and biodynamic wines.  James is half Sicilian, half Spanish and has worked in the wine game for over ten years.  His Grandpa used to make wine in Sicily so you might almost say that wine runs through his veins.

North South Wines caught my attention when I was scouting for new wines over the winter because they were willing to muck about with me on twitter (true story).  But happily, once I caught a dose of maturity, I discovered that they’re a young, small firm, partly owned by wineries.  Their vision of avoiding the stuffiness associated with some of the wine trade and becoming a specialist in sustainable, family owned and authentic wineries struck a resonance with me (authenticity is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately – more about that in future blog).  We’ve selected a range of interesting, great value wines which I think you’ll love – come along and see if you agree.





Mackmyra Swedish Whisky Tasting and Smørrebrød

Gone are the days of whisky being associated with Mackmyra Tastingcowboys, grandfathers and after-dinner cigars. New and innovative global distilleries are changing the way we drink the amber nectar and what used to be known as a man’s drink is shedding more than just the aforementioned stereotypes with around a third of today’s UK whisky drinkers being female.

With more choice than ever before it’s an exciting time for the connoisseur and no better time for the adamant non whisky drinkers amongst us to get involved. Japanese whisky has been outdoing Scotch at all the major awards shows for a good decade now so with that being old news, it’s time to see what else is on offer.

Mackmyra Swedish Whiskey was founded in the late 90’s by 8 Swedish friends on a skiing trip. Each friend had taken a bottle of single malt on the trip and the question inevitably arose – why isn’t there a Swedish whisky? Ten years later, in 2008, the First Edition was released. Aged in handcrafted Swedish oak barrels, their range of single malt whiskeys are unlike any other we’ve tried. Delicious and complex yet totally approachable and appealing to multiple palates. Their eye catching packaging looks the part too and that’s never a bad thing!

We are delighted that Alex Johnson from Sweden’s award winning and largest whisky distillery will be joining us on Saturday 7th October from 7pm to talk and taste us through 6 exciting products from the range and share the story of Mackmyra.

If an evening of whisky tasting sounds a little daunting, worry not as there will be a  feast of Smørrebrød (fancy open sandwiches to you and me!) to enjoy included in your ticket price. There will also be a bar open after the event until 10.30pm serving wine, beer and soft drinks as well as a selection of the Mackmyra range.

mack range mack logo   smorrebrod

Date: Saturday 7th October
Time: 7pm – 9.30pm (with a bar service running until 10.30pm)
Location: The ARC, Hawksfield
Ticket price: £15pp

** Tickets available here >>> BOOK NOW! **

It’s the perfect opportunity to try something new but equally a great introduction to whiskey for those not so familiar. Did you know, a measure of whiskey contains more antioxidants than a glass of fresh orange juice? No, us neither but sounds like a great excuse to get involved!

As with our other events we will be arranging a return taxi between Padstow and Hawkfield so be sure to let us know your requirements at time of booking.

mack bruks

Flight Club #8 Loire Friday 4th August

The much anticipated Flight Club #8 Loire is happening on Friday 4th August at The ARC, Hawksfield at a cost of only £30 per person!

As a huge and graciously received thank you for all their hard work, we sent Kate and Harriet off to France to personally source the wines for this event. If you’ve seen either of them since, you’ll know that they had way too much fun for a ‘work’ trip!

But, does what happen in Loire stay in Loire? Of course not! They’re going to tell you all about their adventures whilst tasting the fantastic wines they chose to bring home. Accompanied by a casual canape supper this informal tasting is guaranteed to raise a few smiles (or nervous giggles from K & H – both self-confessed non-public speakers!)

You may be forgiven for thinking the Loire is all about Sauvignon Blanc with familiar names such as Sancerre and Pouilly Fume. But with the resurgence of Muscadet, incredibly lush Chenin Blanc and vastly understated Cabernet Franc, there is so much to discover.

Tickets are only £30 per person so BOOK NOW to join us on Friday 4th August from 7pm at The ARC, Hawksfield. Don’t forget, if you’re coming from Padstow let us know and we’ll arrange return taxi transport for you.

Read below for a little insight in to their trip…

bonnezeau barrel (2)  Chateau Feselsz (2) grapes (2) 

Us girls, we went on a trip to France
Being more specific, we went to Nantes
Sent to Loire on a quest for great wine
Technically ‘work’ but we had a fab time

Thoroughly spoilt for the whole of our stay
We were plied with great food and Muscadet
Thinking we knew this particular grape
48 on one list surprised even Kate!

The weather was fair and warm in Loire
And particularly good for some terroir
But really not so in the case of Goulaine
Where the moat was bone dry, they really need rain!

We arrived at the Chateau where we met Pierre-Jean
What a character he was, Mr Sauvion
From 4 generations of wine ‘creators’
He referred to himself as a ‘pleasure maker’

His vineyard awaited, he called it his garden
He filled us with facts but avoided the jargon
Then on to the ‘house’ to taste lots of wine
Full of excitement for what we may find

There was plenty of choice amongst the wines
But we thought long and hard, overlooking the vines
Melon de Bourgogne or lush Chenin Blanc
Or Harriet’s favourite Cabernet Franc?

We made our decisions throughout the trip
And nearly missing the flight was the only blip
Over all, the trip was a huge success
So join us at Flight Club and be our guests

  vineyard group tasting table group

Lazy Sunday with Oysters & Wine – Sunday 16th July

Prior to headlining the stage at Port Eliot Festival in July, alongside the likes of Nathan Outlaw and Gizzi Erskine, Katy Davidson ‘The Oyster Lady’ will be joining us at The Arc, Hawksfield on Sunday 16th July for a lazy afternoon of Oysters and Wine from 2pm.

Those that attended our Champagne Flight Cluboysters-slate last year will know just how passionate Katy is about her work. For those less familiar with the oyster evangelist, she has converted thousands of oyster doubters at festivals and events around the world and is a leading expert in her field. Katy is currently working on her first recipe book dedicated solely to oysters and setting up the inaugural London Oyster Week to raise awareness of oysters and raise funds for oyster education and restoration projects.

Between 2-4pm, Katy will be taking you through a “hands on” masterclass in the art of oyster shucking and passing on her top tips for maximising the pleasure of eating them. There will be plenty to go round so a great opportunity to enjoy them in both their classic fresh state with clever accompaniments during ‘class’ and cooked on the BBQ too, following the main event. We will, of course, be picking out some suitable wines to match these racy little bivalves throughout the afternoon.

As well as learning all about shucking and eating Oysters, you will be taught how to make (and drink!) Katy’s favourite ‘Shipwrecked Mary’ cocktail to pair with the shellfish delicacy and get to take home your shucking knife to show off your new skills to family and friends.

BinTwo at the ARC logoThe Arc will be closed to the public throughout the masterclass but will reopen again once the main event has finished at 4pm. Katy will then be running an Oyster BBQ (OPEN TO ALL) with the ARC serving wines by the glass to enjoy alongside.

Spaces for the masterclass are limited to 16 so book early to avoid disappointment.

Priced at just £60pp, tickets are available via Katy here >>> **BOOK NOW**  Spaces can also be reserved in person at the ARC, Hawksfield (cash only).

Ticket price includes: Hands on Masterclass, Wine Tasting flight, ½ dozen oysters per person, Shipwrecked Mary cocktail, Shucking Knife, Q&A with The Oyster Lady

*A % of all profits goes towards oyster education and restoration efforts.


Sushi & Sake Masterclass – Saturday 20th May

Sushi lovers in Cornwall will be distinctly aware of the lack of availability of the Japanese delicacy in restaurants around the county. Crazy really as we have access to some of the finest fish in the world which lends itself perfectly to the dish. Saying that, not all sushi must contain fish so the delectable little rice rolls can be suited to all tastes. Better still, it’s so easy to make at home, with a little know how, that crossing the border in search of an umami Asian feast is a thing of the past.

For our very first event to be held at The Arc, Hawksfield,naoko photo we’re super excited to be teaming up with Naoko Kashiwagi (Naoko’s Kitchen), Japanese cookery teacher extraordinaire, and the highly knowledgeable Russell Jackson from Marussia Beverages to host a Sushi and Sake Masterclass on Saturday 20th May.

Naoko, originally from Tokyo, has a real passion for the Japanese cookery art form and the history and tradition that comes with it. She will share her skills and techniques that have been handed down through generations whilst using the finest of Cornish produce to take you on a journey of discovery about her native cuisine.

The masterclass will include a little history about the origins of both Sushi and Sake and how they are enjoyed in today’s modern culture, a hands on demonstration from Naoko where you will learn how to make (and eat!) your own Sushi (1 Fish, 1 Veggie), four different styles of premium Sake, Japanese tapas, two complimenting wines AND dessert. Phew! We’ll then have the bar open for drinks afterwards where you will have the opportunity to chat to both Naoko and Russell with any unanswered questions you may have and enjoy another glass of your favourite tipple from the evening.

sushi 2    akashi tai   naoko tapas    sushi 1

Thanks to some incredibly generous support from Russell and Marussia Beverages for this event, we are able to offer you a really fantastic selection of premium Sakes from their Akashi-Tai range and keep the ticket price to a very modest £60pp.

Saturday 20th May 2017
7pm – 10.30pm
The Arc, Hawksfield, PL27 7LR

Tickets for this event are very limited so BOOK NOW to avoid missing out.

Please note: food contains dairy.

FLIGHT CLUB #9 – NEW ZEALAND Saturday 28th October

We know for a fact that there’s many a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc fan among us but there’s so much more to discover with New Zealand wines and we’re here to help with Flight Club #9.

For instance, last year we discovered Left Field Albarino.  Better known as a Spanish varietal, this Albarino has proven to be hugely popular with all who tasted it.  Fresh, light & peachy with a crisp acidity but oh so juicy with it. It feels like each grape used to make this wine has soaked up every last bit of sunshine that kissed it’s skin.

We really weren’t surprised to discover that the Left Field Pinot Noir is equally as delicious too and so we areLeftfield-Sauvignon-Blanc delighted to invite NZ wine whizz Angela Lewis to come to Cornwall and tell us all about the wines from the Te Awa and Left Field collections. Bonus!

Located near Hawkes Bay on New Zealand’s North Island, Te Awa sits within the famous Gimblett Gravels Wine Growing District, known worldwide for producing premium wines. The cracking selection we’ll have on hand to aid your discovery will look very much like this:

Logo_TeAwaCollection– Left Field Sauvignon Blanc 2015
– Left Field Albarino 2015
– Te Awa Chardonnay 2013
– Left Field Pinot Noir 2014
– Left Field Malbec 2014
– Te Awa Syrah 2014

6 fantastic and generous wine tasters with a selection of accompanying food will be on offer on the night. If you think canapes and sharing boards, you’ll get the idea. We’ll finish off with a traditional Kiwi treat and have the bar open afterwards until around 10.30pm for those of you’d who’d like an extra little tipple.

te awa estate logo   te awa arrows    te awa mill

Flight Club will take place at Hawksfield near Wadebridge on Saturday 28th October between 7pm and 9.30pm with a cash bar opening until 10.30(ish).

10% discount will be applied across the board on all bar and bottle sales with case sales attracting a more generous 15% off.

Tickets for Flight Club #9 are priced at a modest £40pp BOOK NOW and pay online to confirm your spaces. Let us know if you’d like transport (or if you have spaces in a car available) and we’ll co-ordinate taxis and/or car shares from Padstow.

Mixing it Up… again! Saturday 25th March.


For those that have joined us previously (and for those that wish they had) SW-Distillery-logowe’re pleased as punch to announce that Marc Ramage from Southwestern Distillery is joining us once again for an evening of entertainment and delicious cocktails.

Cocktail night ‘part three’ is sure to feature the brand new Tarquin’s Cornish Crocus Gin, made with Cornish Saffron, Rose & Pistachio. There will also be a good kick of Seadog, a drop of fizz, a fruity little number and something more classical for the traditionalist within you.

Craft-Gins-Tarquins-Cornish-Crocus-Gin-500x500Marc is a master of the Boston shaker and very charming with it. So you are sure to be entertained as he takes you through a journey of cocktails using the fantastic range of spirits handcrafted by Tarquin Leadbetter. We sometimes still can’t quite believe it all happens just 5 mile’s away!

Your ticket price includes an arrival cocktail, tasters of a wide range of Marc’s clever concoctions and then a second cocktail once you’ve sampled the master’s handiwork. You’ll find it hard to choose but fear not, the bar will be open after the masterclass with Marc as your cocktail host for the evening.


This event will be held in BinTwo Padstow on Saturday 25th March from 7pm with only 20 tickets available.

Tickets £15pp – BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment

Chocolate & Wine Tasting 14th & 18th February

No matter your background, career aspirations, musical taste or married status, one thing many of us have in common is a love of chocolate… and wine!

Did you know that the process of making chocolate is similar to that of wine? Fermentation occurs in both cocoa beans and grape juice by contact with naturally occurring yeasts present in cocoa pulp and on the skin of grapes. In chocolate production, this fermentation process helps develop the flavour profile and eliminates many tannins. For decades, researchers have been working on improving cocoa fermentation by controlling the types of yeast used and they have discovered that the same species of yeast used in beer and wine production works particularly well. What a coincidence!

Despite the affinity for one another, wine and chocolate does not always go handchocolate heart mouth in hand. Bitterness and tannins, present in both chocolate and wine, actually fight for the same receptors on the tongue resulting in an unpleasant taste experience. Fortunately however, there are a number of pairings which are very complimentary of each other and provide the ultimate sensory experience, often described as orgasmic. Ooh err!

Single/Dating/Married/Engaged/It’s Complicated/Desperate/Confused/Bitter/Broken Hearted/Other… come along and tantalise your taste buds with what we think is a match made in heaven.

No need to book, just come along and sample 5 delectable chocolate variations with 5 different wines from around the world as part of an intimate tasting for two or an informal experience for one or more.

For a group of 6+ please give Harriet a heads up at

We will be holding two sessions in February:

Tuesday 14th February (VALENTINES DAY!) – 5pm-9pm
Saturday 18th February – 12pm-9pm

Price per person £15

For more information contact