Lobster & Bollinger. What’s not to love?

A few photos of our Bollinger tasting event featuring the rather lovely Karl Rueter – our Bollinger Amabassor who travelled all the way from France to visit little old us!

Karl from BollingerLobster fresh off a local dayboat (they were still in the sea that morning!) served to the traditional Maine recipe in a soft brioche roll matched with Bollinger Special Cuvée, Bollinger Grande Année, Bollinger Special Cuvée Rosé and (last one I promise) Bollinger Grande Année Rosé…all for ten of your English pounds.  Bargain of the year I reckon!


Our Bollinger supplier has kindly extended our promotional offer meaning that we can pass on 10% discount to the general populace and 20% to those enlightened souls who’ve joined the wine club.

imageBollinger Special Cuvée £44.00 reduced to £39.60                 £35.20 to wine club members

Bollinger Special Cuvée Rosé £57.00 reduced to £51.30         £45.60 to wine club members

Grande Année 2005 £83.00 reduced to £74.30                       £66.00 to wine club members

Grande Année Rosé £103 reduced to £92.70                           £82.40 to wine club members

Listening to the silky tones of Karl talking about bubbles bursting lightly on the tongue… Priceless apparently!

Special offers valid for all orders placed by 29th May so don’t hang about!  Email to order.





Seven Springs Syrah Glass

Smitten with South Africa!

Seven Springs View

The pitifully poor view at Seven Springs Vineyard…

After two highly successful tasting events with two different South African wine makers in the same week I think it’s fair to say we all found something we loved.

Our first tasting saw the welcome return of Seven Springs wines to the BinTwo shelves – every bit as good as we remembered them being!  The highlight was the incredibly interesting (and difficult to define) 2012 Sauvignon Blanc.  So intriguing and appealing that Kate chose it as her staff pick for this month.  Add a supple and luscious unoaked 2011 Chardonnay into the mix together with a bold, rich 2010 Syrah and a balanced, vibrant 2012 Pinot Noir and you’ll get a sense for what a very fine tasting it was.  Basically if you weren’t there you missed a cracking night…sorry!


Riana – wine maker at Seven Springs

To soften the blow we’re offering 10% discount on our remaining promotional stock of Seven Springs wines or a whopping 20% to our lucky wine club members.  Offer valid while current stocks last so don’t dawdle!

Sauvignon Blanc 2012 – £14.00 reduced to £12.60 (wine club £11.20)

Pinot Noir 2012 – £15.00 reduced to £13.50                      (wine club £12.00)

Chardonnay 2011 – £14.00 reduced to £12.60          (wine club £11.20)

Syrah 2010 – £17.50 reduced to £15.75.                                                                                                   (wine club £14.00)

Jeremy Ben Eleanor

Jeremy – winemaker at Painted Wolf – with our very own Eleanor and importer Ben.

The very next night it was the turn of Painted Wolf Wines (we really are too good to you lot).  It’s a lovely concept – a collaborative effort on the part of some high end, mostly organic wine makers to produce a range of high quality wines at the mid price point.  A proportion of all sales goes to conservation efforts in South Africa including the preservation of the African Wild Dog (known as the Painted Wolf).

Club case regulars will have had a preview of the excellent Den Pinotage in last month’s case (which proved hugely popular at the tasting event) and this month’s case we’ve included their rather delightful Rosé offering “Rosalind” (very fresh, dry and with light, mouth-watering soft fruit flavours).  Soon to be added to our shelves (having received a warm response on the night) is a rather sophisticated yet well priced Chenin Blanc (a rare beast indeed). Cracking stuff.  But the highlight for me was the walloping great big Shiraz/Viognier blend “Pictus II“.  A real belter, immediately quaffable, fruit packed barnstormer for all you “Big Red” lovers.  Worth every penny of it’s £23.00 price tag!

Seven Springs Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Staff Favourites!

Seven Springs Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Tough to choose after tasting such an impressive array of wines at last weeks’ South African Wine Tastings, yet the Seven Springs Sauvignon Blanc was without a doubt one of the stars of the show.

Shying away from the more overtly tropical fruit flavours that we often encounter on the palate, this Sauvignon Blanc is more akin to a Sancerre in style with a fantastic leafiness and minerality whilst its aromas remain fruity with white stone fruit and pineapple.

This is a beautifully made wine which has retained the grape variety’s aromatics thanks to careful handling from harvesting through to cold fermentation. And having spent 3 months on its lees it has developed a delightful texture and softness. Impressive work from winemaker Rhiana van der Merwe, isn’t it time for a staff trip Mike?… (Ed – nice try Kate!)

An elegant and moreish wine to be sipped in the sunshine or enjoyed with a seafood platter and a snip this month – usually £14.00 reduced to £12.60 or an insanely generous £11.34 for wine club members!








A few photos of our new seating…


We’ve given the wine terrace a bit of a makeover…




...who broke off from their fizz to help us lift the finally tricky section into place!

…road tested here by five dapper gents…


…who broke off from their fizz to help us lift the last section into place. Thanks chaps!

New table tops and chairs are on the way but we're really rather pleased so far!

New table tops and chairs are on the way but we’re really rather pleased so far!

New seating Phil

All built off site in free standing modules by the amazing Phil…

...who won't forgive me if I don't tell you that he cut all this out with a jigsaw!

…who won’t forgive me if I don’t tell you that he cut all this out with a jigsaw!






BinThinking April Issue

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April Case Notes

Just one of our case notes this month

The Cloud Factory Sauvignon Blanc 2014, Marlborough, New Zealand 2 bottles £8.50
A classic Marlborough Sauvignon to sup in the spring sunshine is long overdue. Thanks to a long, cool fermentation process and swift bottling this wine has retained maximum varietal character, aromatics and freshness. The Cloud Factory is zingy, the palate is clean and green with citrus and tropical fruits and delicious minerality, what’s more it’s a snip.

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March Case Notes

Just one of our case notes this month

Château L’Ermitage ‘Tradition’ Blanc 2014, Costières de Nîmes, France
Situated on the south facing hills rolling towards the Mediterranean, Château L’Ermitage enjoys both optimal sunshine and cooling sea breezes. The result is juicy fruit with delightful even ripeness and flavour which the winemakers strive to preserve with minimal oak contact. This fleshy, fresh blend of Rousanne, Grenache Blanc and Viognier evoques the Mediterranean: orange blossom, ripe stone fruit and citrus. Bon Voyage!

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Club Case Prize Draw

The club case is our monthly selection of interesting wines to which we apply extra discount. Members currently pay £110 for around £130 worth of wine and we include free delivery in Cornwall. We’d love for more of you to enrol and so, in democratic BinTwo style, we’re inviting your feedback on what might encourage you to sign up and what might be putting you off from doing so.

All who offer feedback will be entered into a prize draw for a bottle of Billecart Salmon Brut Champagne.


Camel Valley Taster Evening – 8th April

An opportunity to sample a range of wines from our fabulous local vineyard! Clio from Camel Valley will be here on Wednesday 8th April from 5.30 – 9.00pm with samples & we’ll be selling our Camel Valley range by the glass – because a taster is never quite enough!

The shop will be open to the public during this informal event so no need to book but it’s very much first come first served in terms of inside seating. Free of charge to wine club members – £5.00 to those we’ve not yet converted!

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