Bin Delivered Club Case Notes February 2016

Bin Delivered February Club Case Notes

Venturing into the unknown… 
A selection of wines embracing lesser known grape varieties, appellations and winemaking techniques.

White Wines 

Cuvee Marie Jurançon Sec 2011, Jurançon, France.  £13.50 2 bottles
When thinking of the wines from Southwest France don’t forget to explore Jurançon! In this small appellation almost touching the Pyrenees grape varieties Gros and Petit Manseng are king. Cuvee Marie is a blend of these varieties which exudes flavour: citrus, tropical fruits combine with herbal and floral notes.  With aromatics rivalling Sauvignon Blanc, sumptuous body and texture this Jurançon sec is an appealing springtime white. One to enjoy with seasonal asparagus if you can wait!
Price with wine club discount: £12.15

El Porvenir Amauta Torrontes 2014, Valle de Cafayate, Argentina. £10.50 2 bottles 
In the incredibly high and dry Cafayate Valley a small family-run winery continues to look to the future ‘El Porvenir’. At present their aim is to reduce the US oak influence and produce wines which reflect terroir (land, climate and aspect), whilst planting vines in ever-more hostile environments. Here Torrontes, the indigenous white grape, is hand harvested in 3 stages of ripeness delivering aroma and flavour complexity. Amauta Torrontes has a touch of the exotic: rose, lemon grass and sweet spice, ripe and fresh. Mouthwateringly good with salmon ceviche.
Price with wine club discount: £9.45

Red Wines 

Pietas Vielles Vignes Carignan 2014, Pays D’Herault, France.  £8.50 3 bottles 
You’ve probably more commonly found Carignan accompanying grape varieties Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre to name a few. A challenging variety both in the vineyard, where it is slow to ripen and prone to disease, and in the winery, where due care is required to balance the acidity and tannin. ‘Pietas’ has risen to the challenge! Made from carefully selected, fully ripened fruit from low yielding 40 year old vines and vinified using modern techniques. Pietas is a medium bodied smooth Carignan with soft ripe fruit and a nice amount of the savoury, earthy character we associate with the variety. An impressive value red.
Price with wine club discount: £7.65

Montresor Valpolicella Ripasso ‘Capitel della Crosara’ 2013, Veneto, Italy.  £14  2 bottles 
Giorgio Montresor brings us a lipsmackingly good Valpolicella Ripasso, made from Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes from his single vineyard ‘Capitel della Crosara’, fine and richly flavoured it rivals many a red in its class.
You are probably familiar with Valpolicella but Ripasso? The ‘Ripasso’ method imparts both depth and character to the Valpolicella, as the dried sugar-rich skins of grapes used to make Amarone are added to the young wine and re-fermentation occurs. Giorgio’s finishing touch is the careful ageing in French and American oak, giving us a bright, juicy wine with just the right measures of spice and vanilla. A truly tasty wine to beat the winter blues or to serve with roast lamb on Mother’s Day, mamma mia!
Price with wine club discount: £12.60

Bobal de Sanjuan Tinto 2013, Utiel-Requena, Spain. £9 2 bottles 
Native to the Utiel-Requena region of Valencia, Bobal is a hardy variety withstanding the dry local climate, the extremes of the day and nighttime temperatures and cold winters. Where once Bobal was predominantly used in bulk wine production it is now being rediscovered to make quality single-variety wines. Bobal de SanJuan is a fine example of the evolution. An attractive aromatic red, freshness and crisp acidity is balanced by ripe red fruits and velvety tannins. Wonderful with Paella of course!
Price with wine club discount: £8.10


Chateau Civrac Late White 2012, Saussignac, France. £12 1 bottle
Cornishman Mark Hellyar’s new vintage Late White from the unsung wine region of Saussignac bordering Montbazillac certainly lives up to its predecessor’s expectations whilst carving out its own identity. This 2012 Semillon is a touch lighter than the previous vintage with an appealing freshness. Grapefruit marmalade and saffron layer the palate, luscious yet zesty it pairs nicely with Emily Scott’ s orange and almond pudding or, as i found, with traditional pancakes, drizzle at will!
Price with wine club discount: £10.80

Emily Scott’s Recipe

Total cost of wines: £131.50
Bin Delivered price: £110 (£120 delivered nationally)

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