Wines We Love – A dainty Bordeaux…

Mike continues his love affair with his favourite Bordeaux winemaker…

Chateau Civrac Cabernet Franc 2014, Cotes du Bourg, Bordeaux. 

£25.50 or just £22.95 to wine club members.

I’m off on my holidays soon.  Mary and I will be camping in France for two weeks with our pair of boisterous sons.  Joyful it is… restful it isn’t.  So we give the joy a boost by choosing some treats from the BinTwo shelves to take with us.  Generally I try to avoid taking French wines to France but I couldn’t help but slip in a bottle from my buddy Mark Hellyar.

As a Cornishman in Bordeaux, Mark’s been creating gentle waves by making contemporary style wines using very traditional methods since 2005.  We’ve seen some stunning Grand Vins of various vintages, a cracking desert wine and more recently a punchy, tradition-breaking single variety Super Malbec from this hands-on winemaker.  His single variety Cabernet Franc is his latest innovation.  By co-incidence we were with Mark touring his vineyard in 2014 just after he’d discovered three hidden rows of Cabernet Franc.  He was mulling over making another tradition-breaking wine and, after tasting the grapes fresh from the vine, we made encouraging noises.

WWL August CC CFThree years on it’s a genuine pleasure to see the finished product hit the shelves at BinTwo – the first varietal Cabernet Franc ever made in Bordeaux!  Described as the Pinot Noir of Bordeaux, Cabernet Franc offers up delicate aromas of blackcurrant and vanilla.  More delicate and fragrant and with fewer tannins than the better known Cabernet Sauvignon but with a bit more about it than a simple Merlot.  Mark only made one barrel to produce a limited edition of only 870 bottles – I reckon it’s a winner.

Mainstream it isn’t.  Interesting and unique it is.  It’s rare that I can say this with confidence, but you won’t have tried anything like it before and, unless Mark decides to make another barrel in the future, you’ll never get to try a wine like it again.

Quirky, interesting, rule-breaking… I love it.

£25.50 or just £22.95 to wine club members.