Flight Club #2 Bordeaux – Saturday 23rd July

Flight Club logoWhat’s Flight Club?  I’m glad you asked… it’s a series of informal tasting events where we combine a little bit education with a healthy dollop of fun.  You get to taste some lovely stuff in an ever so slightly structured way so that, if you wish to, you can learn a little bit more about wine.  But we’ll keep things light so that if all you want to do is try some different bits and bobs, you won’t feel like you’ve been dropped into night school.  We provide you with little crib cards with just enough information to cover the basics and a bit of room for your own notes so that, as Flight Club progresses, you can build a pocket sized compendium of wine facts.

In Flight Club #2 we’ll be zooming in on Bordeaux; the largest, and one of the oldest, wine producing regions in France.  In fact wine production in Bordeaux is believed to date back over 2000 years – probably before the arrival of the Romans – so you’d like to think they know a thing or two about making fine wines by now…

Bimageut that didn’t put off our intrepid friend Mark Hellyar – Cornishman and Bordeaux wine maker extraordinaire – from forging his own way.  Mark and his wife Sarah are the driving force behind Chateau Civrac.  You’ve all heard me rave about their work before – respecting traditions but making waves with some innovations to the accepted way of doing things in Bordeaux; we could think of no-one better to guide us through one of our best selling and most loved wine regions.

England’s love affair with Bordeaux goes back as far as 1302 when King Edward I started importing St Emillion for his own consumption (smart choice Eddie).  He can thank King Henry II who secured Bordeaux under English rule by marrying Eleanor of Aquitaine.  And so it remained for 300 glorious years with Henry II passing on his good taste to his son, Richard the Lionheart, who made Bordeaux his daily tipple.  As proof that celebrity driven culture is nothing new, Richard’s love of Bordeaux developed into a national passion for Bordeaux wines that showed no sign of abating at the end of the Hundred Year War and has continued from strength to strength into the 21st Century.

Today Bordeaux has 57 wine growing regions (appellations) around 7000 Chateaux and over 13,000 wine growers.  They produce about 900 million bottles of wine a year from a massive total vineyard area of nearly 300,000 acres.  Bordeaux sales have exploded in the USA and China over recent years but (and this makes me very proud of you all) Britain is still the single largest importer of Bordeaux bringing in around 30 million bottles per year.  Somebody cue up the Elgar soundtrack – quick!

So all Mark needs to do is to compress that into a two hour event and make it entertaining and mildly educational – no problem to a man of his talents.

Mark will guide you through a tasting of six wines including some of his own but also covering off some of the other best known Bordeaux appellations.  For sustenance we’ll provide some charcuterie and pâté with a nod towards France and some suitably whiffy regional cheeses.

The price for the event is £25 per person event will start at 7pm on Saturday 23rd July at our brand new hub at Hawksfield just outside of Wadebridge on the A39.

Please email to book your spaces.  Please also indicate if you’d like us to organise transport for you to the event and we’ll see about booking some taxis to enable you to share the costs with other Flight Clubbers.









Holiday Essentials!

We know how important your holidays are and the time and energy needed for the preparations so we decided it was time we took matters into our own hands to help with your all-important holiday provisions: The Wine!…


We’re delighted to announce that we have joined forces with Harbour Holidays, the quality holiday accomodation specialists in Padstow run by the lovely Nicky Stanley and her team. For those of you looking to book holiday accomodation in and around the Padstow area and at the same time arrange hassle-free wine supplies for your stay your prayers have been answered!



HarbourHols-WeekenderWe are offering a range of cases of wine lovingly selected for Harbour Holidays customers including wines to enjoy with your beach BBQ or the freshest seafood, a case of Delicious Cornish crafted wines and a case for the perfect weekend stay.

To make your life easier and your holiday even more enjoyable we deliver directly to your accomodation free of charge. So no need to waste time in supermarket queues or lug bottles down the M5, just more time to spend making the most of Cornwall!

What’s more, when you purchase a Harbour Holidays wine hamper we offer you a special 10% discount off the original case price and even include a 10% discount voucher for you to use on a visit to BinTwo.

HarbourHols-CornishEnglish Wine Week and May half-term saw the launch of this collaboration with Harbour Holidays’ successful wine hamper competition on Facebook. We are delighted to congratulate Angela Langford who was the lucky winner and the first person to enjoy the hassle-free Harbour Holidays wine service from BinTwo. Our ‘Deliciously Cornish’ wine selection will be waiting at her accommodation on her arrival in Padstow, what a great way to start a holiday!


So when confirming your booking with Harbour Holidays be sure to take a look at our wine offer by clicking on the BinTwo harbour offer link, otherwise please email us at for more information.

Bin Delivered Club Case Notes June 2016

Sparkling Wine 

Domenico de Bertiol Prosecco Valdobbiadene Spumante Extra Dry NV, Italy £12.00  2 bottles 
This time of year you cant go wrong with a couple of extra bottles of Prosecco on chill and this elegant sparkler from the heart of the Prosecco producing area in Veneto certainly fits the bill. Attractively light, lively and fresh yet this Prosecco goes beyond our expectations with an added richness and a little yeasty character pairing up with the soft apples and pears. No better excuse to find something to celebrate….
Price with wine club discount: £10.80

Rosé Wine 

Château Civrac Jolie 2013, Bordeaux, France  £9.50  2 bottles
This new vintage ‘Jolie’ made by Cornish Winemaker Mark Hellyar is different again to its predecessors. Each rosé that Mark makes follows a different recipe achieving a rosé wine with unique personality from one vintage to the next and keeping us all on our toes! This time around Mark has chosen to produce a 100% Merlot rosé, the hue is a beautiful summery salmon-pink, the aromas bursting with wild strawberries and the palate soft and juicy. A great pre-BBQ aperitif.
Price with wine club discount: £8.55

White Wine

Capricho Val de Paxarinas Godello 2015, Bierzo, Spain  £11.00  2 bottles 
My travels have left me with a soft-spot for North-west Spain and their aromatic whites and as i continue to explore the offerings of this part of the world i fell upon this irresistible Godello. The winemakers, Gancedo, have blended juice from the stone fruit and mineral laden Godello with a little of the perfumed and climate hardy indigenous variety, Dona Blanca. Crisp, ripe and textural this white is a great match for seafood and fresh fish and chips.
Price with wine club discount: £10.35

Domaine Chante Cigale L’Apostrophe Blanc 2015, Rhone, France  £11.00  2 bottles 
From the renowned and family-run Domaine in Chateauneuf-du-Pape we bring you a classic, full-bodied Southern Rhone blend which doesn’t break the bank. The vines, in this case Roussanne and Clairette, are grown in soils composed partly of the infamous ‘pudding stones’ which retain heat contributing warmth to the vines growth and fruit ripening. L’ Apostrophe is a white with delicate aromas and a full, comforting stone fruit and nutty palate.
Price with wine club discount: £9.90

Red Wine 

Cline Cellars Lodi Zinfandel 2014, Lodi, USA  £10.50  2 bottles
Named after the sun-drenched wine-producing region from where it hails, Lodi is a smooth and smokey approachable red bringing a little bit of California to your table. Cline’s focus is sustainable vineyard management and the production of appealing wines which balance fruit and ‘terroir’ character. This Zinfandel is such an example, offering abundant fruit and complexity with oaked influences of toasty vanilla and spice. Time for Mike to start up his smoker, pulled pork perhaps!
Price with wine club discount: £9.45

Podere Scopetone Sangiovese di Toscana 2014, Montalcino, Italy  £12.00  2 bottles
A beautifully intense ruby coloured Tuscan red which proves an easy summertime drinker despite having plenty of character as we would hope. Made from 100% Sangiovese it delivers bright red cherries and a wild berry aroma. Though Sangiovese is more than oak-friendly here the Podere Scopetone winemakers, an avid beekeeper and viticulturist couple, have chosen to stick to steel in the winery to preserve the freshness and purity of the fruit producing a lively and full flavoured red. Antipasti on the menu!
Price with wine club discount: £10.80

Total wine price: £132
Bin Delivered price: £110 (£120 Delivered Nationally)


Wines we love…by Charlotte

Saluez Le Saboteur 2015, Cape South Coast, South Africa
A blend of Chenin Blanc, Viognier, Blanc Fumé and Chardonnay made by Luddites 

Saluez le Saboteur: say hi to a beautiful wine you won’t easily forget and my biggest “coup de coeur”(crush) of the summer…
The neck label says it all, this wine is for those who “break the rules and defy the status quo, the craftsmen, the artists, the pionneers”. It definitely doesn’t conform with anything on our shelves with its unusual outfit: instead of a cork, a beer cap, black and white side-ways written label. But the best thing is that it keeps its promises, and even more so, when you open it…
The nose opens on a stone fruit basket with earthy notes, sea spray background and shy buttery hints. The palate is driven by a dominant mouthwatering freshness and a beautiful silky texture, the delicacy of the juicy pear and mango aromas, and the elegance of the oak with a buttery touch on the finish. For me, it is a stunning expression of South African terroir, that would go great with both sea and land food.
Enjoy Saboteur and raise a glass to great wines that are always much more than just fermented grape juice, being the result of hard work and artistic spirit, and an excuse to put the world to rights.

You will find this fabulous white on our shelves at £20 a bottle (£18 to wine club) and certainly worth every penny!



Saboteur…come and join the revolution!

We’re often asked how we go about finding the wines we choose for our shelves.  Often it’s a surprisingly methodical and well thought out process (yes really – stop smirking at the back!)  What varieties are we missing?  Which countries and regions are under-represented? Have we got the right spread of price points?  Then a long search ensues involving loads of tastings to find exactly the right combination of wines to grace our shelves.  Usually it takes ages with endless prevarication on our part and many disappointments along the way before we settle on a selection we’re happy with.

Other times a stunning wine just drops in your lap unexpectedly.

NeilsAnd so it was with an unscheduled visit from South African winemakers Neils and Penny Verburg of Luddite Wines which led to an impromptu tasting of their Luddite Chenin Blanc and Shiraz wines (already well established and very well regarded in Michelin starred restaurants).  The Luddite wines were superb – an easy no brainer to add them to the shelves.  But it was their Saboteur range that really captured our imagination.

Usually with a new wine we’ll say “sure…we’ll take a case and see how it sells”.  Sometimes we might be confident enough to buy in higher quantities to try and negotiate a better rate.  With the Saboteur range our questions were how much do you have left and when can you get it to us?


Saboteur whiteUnfortunately the Sabotuer 2015 white (a blend of 68% Chenin Blanc, 15% Viognier, 15% Sauvignon Blanc and 2 % Chardonnay) was pretty much sold out so we grabbed what we could for the shelves.  It’s been a huge hit with staff and customers alike; I’ve had to ration Charlotte’s purchases as she was in danger of buying the lot.  Read more about her thoughts in this month’s Wines We Love.

We had better luck with the 2014 red (a blend of 77% Shiraz, 19% Mouvedre and 4% Cabernet Sauvignon).  The last 300 bottles of this big, bold, fruity, spicy, smooth abso-blooming-lutely gorgeous wine are on a ship steaming it’s way to our shores even as I write this post.

And I’m properly excited about it…really I am!  Once it’s with us it will be usurping our Napa Valley Zinfandel from the “big New World red” slot on our terrace menu. Saboteur wine mounting it’s very own little incursion right here in Padstow – come and join the revolution!

Over to Penny for a few more words:

“We are particularly useless when it comes to any press releases so below  is all off the cuff! (Ed.  Don’t worry Penny – that makes you very much our kind of people!)

The idea behind the Saboteur range was to use the varietals grown on the farm that do not go into the Luddite, both being single Shiraz and Chenin.

We started with the red in 2009 and brought the white on board in 2015 – little did we know how well the wine would be received and how quickly we would have to call neighbours and ask them to sell us grapes to up production.

When we decided to start the white we re-worked the packaging as we did not want the Saboteur range to be a “2nd label” but rather something special, a stand alone brand.

The brand name allowed us to think along the lines of being radical in our packaging and Niels had always wanted to do something with a crown cap – a fantastic closure that is hardier than a screwcap and been used for bubbles for a long time.

The wording on the paper and the necktag describes the passion Niels feels in the cellar – a kid in a candy store at every harvest not a “Oh no! It’s harvest again”

2014 was a fantastic vintage but the trickiest so far this decade as the heavy rainfall at the beginning of December and again into January brought on early ripening and quite a lot of rot.  Fortunately as a small producer we were able to realise the potential of early ripening and rot and picked before it was too late!  Producers who weren’t paying attention got caught with their pants down.  The Cabernet Sauvignon and Mourvedre were fermented in small batches in open bins with regular hand punch downs.  The larger Shiraz batch was fermented in stainless steel tanks with regular pump overs. The batches were pressed directly into barrel and allowed to mature with some fermentation lees.  We also did malolactic fermentation in barrel which gives a fuller mouth feel and structure.  After malolatic fermentation the wine was racked and returned to barrel for a further 18 months.

During blending we took great care to follow the house style of Saboteur which Mike loved so much – bold fruit, good spice and soft tannins.  It’s great to see the last of the Saboteur 2014 red go to a good home and we hope BinTwo regulars enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!”

Thank you Padstow Kitchen Garden…. Vegging out Reviewed!

Padstow Kitchen Garden

It was predicted rain but upon arrival at Padstow Kitchen Garden, Trerethern Farm, Padstow, the sun was hot and high in the sky – the perfect indication of the day ahead…..

The ‘Shed’ (not to be underestimated!!) had been filled with beautiful fresh cut flowers and the Big Green Eggs were raring to go. As we busied ourselves with preparations at this great venue we realised Ross Geach and his team had created something really special. With incredible views of rolling countryside and the Camel Estuary, it has a certain magic about it, right on our doorstep too!


Welcome drink - Padstow Kitchen Garden

Guests were welcomed with a refreshingice cubes Tarquins Gin & Elderflower tipple with pretty little ice cubes made using fresh elderflowers, borage and lemon verbena, all from Padstow Kitchen Garden, of course! Once the introductions had been made and everybody had exclaimed their ‘Oohs’ and ‘Ahhs’ at the views, the tour of the garden and polytunnels began.

  Group welcome - Padstow Kitchen Garden    Group 2 - Padstow Kitchen Garden Group field - Padstow Kitchen Garden Tour group - Padstow Kitchen Garden

Tomatoes - Padstow Kitchen GardenThere is no doubt that Ross isMike - Padstow Kitchen Garden passionate as he enthusiastically tells us all about what, why and how he plants, nurtures and harvests the produce grown on the farm. Handing out little tasters as we go round, encouraging guests to get involved by picking their own leaves to experience different tastes and textures. We got to see the very plants where the aforementioned lemon verbena leaves and borage flowers came and the sun gold tomatoes we tried were just exquisite – so sweet!

We learnt all about the history of Padstow Kitchen Garden as Ross fondly spoke of how his Grandfather taught him how to grow vegetables from an early age and how his experience as a Head Chef for Rick Stein has helped him to know exactly what chefs are looking for. All incredibly useful experience as you can imagine! All this talk about food and chefs was making us hungry, luckily it was time for lunch….

Ross’ friend, and talented chef, Lee Easdon along with the lovely Emma, lent a helping hand on the day. These guys were doing all the hard work in the background on the food side of things and all we had to do was (expertly!) pour the wine! Of course our wonderful Kate had worked her magic and selected some awesome wines to match each dish. (All wines detailed below are currently available in the BinTwo shop….)

At the end of the tour we were greeted with some of the infamous Courgette Flowers, deep fried in a light batter – the very ones that go to the fine dining restaurants down in the town….. this lunch was shaping up to be a real treat. The courgette flowers were matched with the light and fresh Domaine Les Grande Presbyteres Tradition Muscadet de Sevre et Maine sur Lie, 2014, Loire, France. It had crisp acidity to cut through the batter and nice light finish to let the flavours of this simple dish shine.

To the shed….. built by Ross’s very own hands, this great entertaining space has two large picnic tables, very comfortably seating 16 of us and a great little kitchen work space. With the double doors opening out on to the two impressive Big Green Eggs and uninterrupted views of the idyllic landscape, we were all very happy indeed. Ross explained each course in turn alongside Mike’s knowledgeable verse about the wines (thanks again Kate!)

Menu - Padstow Kitchen Garden - Padstow Kitchen Garden Courgette flowers - Padstow Kitchen Garden Big Green Egg - Padstow Kitchen Garden

Beans - Padstow Kitchen Garden

Here’s a reminder of what we had/what you missed……Salad - Padstow Kitchen Garden

A delicious (it was all delicious!!) White Fish Brandade with toasted Sourdough and bowls of fresh, fragrant salad along with the sweetest Edamame style Broad Beans cooked on the Big Green Egg. All washed down with: Sepp Moser Gruner Veltliner von den Terrassen, 2015, Kremstal, Austria Crisp with a fresh citrus acidity, light white pepper spice and herbal notes.

Fantastic juicy Beetroot cooked on the coals (in the Big Green Egg) with Oregano. Accompanied by: Poderi Colla Campo Romano Pinot Nero, 2012, Piemonte, ItalySilky & elegant with ripe red fruit, savoury characteristics and a hint of oak.

Succulent Hake Papillotte, with the freshest veg: Baby Turnip,Hake - Padstow Kitchen Garden Leek, Carrot & Fennel. Complimented by: Domaine Henry Pellé Beetroot - Padstow Kitchen GardenSancerre ‘La Croix as Garde’, 2014, Loire, FranceFresh, rounded & herbaceous with citrus & smoky notes and an intense and zingy finish

And to finish, a gorgeous Lemon Verbena Posset made by Ross (wow!) and of course we ended the day with bubbles: Billecart-Salmon Demi Sec NV. Champagne, France – Fine persistent mousse with delicate white flowers, butter & brioche



Posset - Padstow Kitchen GardenThe hard work and dedication that Ross and his team put into Padstow Kitchen Garden really does pay off. Not only is the produce incredible, they are a friendly and knowledgeable bunch who love to share what they know. Ross regularly hosts Kitchen Gardening Courses – tailored to suit, which also includes a lunch made with ingredients sourced from the farm (won’t be as good as ours though…. just saying!) Find out more at

A big THANK YOU to Ross, Lee and Emma and all that attended for making the event a big success. We’re even going as far as saying our best event yet!

If you loved it or couldn’t make it, fear not! We’re already in talks for a similar event in September and maybe more! In addition, watch this space as there’s talks of Lee and Emma setting up a pop up ‘street food café’ at Padstow Kitchen Garden this summer – you heard it here first!


Muscadet - Padstow Kitchen Garden    Gruner Veltliner - Padstow Kitchen Garden    Pinot Nero - Padstow Kitchen Garden    Sancerre - Padstow Kitchen Garden

Father’s Day in mind!

imageWhen asked what gifts Father’s wish for on their special Day Mike, despite dreams of quality father and son time, gadgets or pricey treats, replied in a serious tone ‘a big, juicy bottle of Bordeaux’!

And so it is that this Father’s Day, Sunday 19th June, we will be offering a free and well-deserved glass of Château Civrac 2008, Côtes de Bourg to your Dad when you bring him to BinTwo before or after treating him to a delicious lunch in Padstow.

Popular on our terrace menu Château Civrac 2008 is a tasty middle-weight Claret blending Merlot, Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon and made by Cornishman Mark Hellyar, juicy with savoury notes it is the perfect easy-drinking red fit to treat a long-suffering Father!