BinTwo Christmas Wine Tasting – Saturday 21st November

12.00 – 4.00pm, The Drang Gallery, Padstow.Billecart-BrutRose_3006_Macro_NM_C_002

A must do for your diary folks – our biggest tasting event of the year with a wide range of our suppliers and wine-maker friends on hand with some sumptuous wines for you to sample…and it’s completely free!  You all know our style by now – informal, accessible, friendly and (we hope) quite good fun.
We’ll be covering all the bases this year:

Bottle of something really special as a gift for a wine lover – done!

Affordable fizz for a big Christmas party – we’ve got you covered!

Billecart Salmon Rosé (because there’s never a bad time for pink fizz) – no problem!

It really is a one-off opportunity to taste a wine tasting event in padstowfar wider range of wines than we’re able to offer at our regular wine club events so come and try something new.  You’ll also be able to get a first-hand account of what goes into making some of the lovely wines we find for you from a couple of our favourite wine-makers.

As if further inducement was needed we’ll be offered a whopping 20% discount on all orders over £100 – that’s double the normal wine club discount of 10% (offer valid from 21st – 30th November).  And because we’re in a generous mood we’re offering 10% discount for any non-club members who’d like to attend the event.


Padstow Christmas Festival 3rd-6th December


christmas-carolsThis year’s Padstow Christmas Festival is scheduled for Thursday 1st – Sunday 4th December and is shaping up to the best event yet!

Festival veterans will know that there’s a real bustle in town during this busy weekend of revelry.  We’ll be fulfilling our traditional role of providing a tranquil retreat from the crowds and our mulled wine and boozy hot chocolates will be on the terrace menu nestling up neatly against some of our favourite Christmas wines and spirits (Amaretto anyone?)

Of course the Christmas Festival just wouldn’t be the same without the famous BinTwo carol concert!  What we lack in tonal quality we make up in enthusiasm so be sure to come and join in.  Carols will start at 7pm (ish) on Friday 1st December following on from the children’s Lantern Parade and leading nicely in to the fireworks display at 8.30pm.

Last year’s festival weekend was by far our busiest weekend ever on record.  It was huge fun if a little hectic (possibly the understatement of 2016!)  So we’re shaking things up a little this year by putting on a much tighter drinks range to give us the best possible chance of keeping the wine’s (and the team) nicely chilled and we’re hoping to set up a small drink’s  station outside to help ease the crush in the shop.



Click here to read more about the full programme of Padstow Christmas Festival events.






Bin Delivered Club Case Notes October 2015

Bin Delivered Club Case Notes October 2015

White Wines

The Hermit Crab Viognier / Marsanne 2014, D’Arenberg, McLaren Vale, Australia £13.50  2 bottles

For those of you who missed our recent D’Arenberg wine tasting we bring you the white which stole the show. A luscious Viognier and Marsanne blend layering stone fruit, zest and savoury flavours. A wine with appealing structure and texture, a little of the Viognier has seen both French and US oak adding complexity. Needless to say Chester Osbourne successfully upholds his family’s winemaking tradition making wines with small-batch character and regional identity. Why hermit crab? you ask, dig no deeper than the vineyard’s limestone soils bearing crustacean remains and the link to the Rhone’s Hermitage grape varieties.

Price with wine club discount: £12.15

Duc de Morny Picpoul de Pinet 2014, L’Ormarine, Languedoc, France £9.00  2 bottles

You may be familiar with this BinTwo terrace favourite made from 100% Picpoul de Pinet, a variety which is steadily growing in popularity. Not surprisingly with wines like Duc de Morny which achieves both vibrance and ripeness. At Cave de L’Ormarine the grapes grow on south-facing slopes and enjoy the cooling effect of breezes off the nearby tidal lakes tempering the ripening. Whilst fresh this white has a nice weight, depth and orchard fruitiness pairing well with mussels and oysters.

Price with wine club discount: £8.10

Sweet Wine

The Noble Botryotinia Fuckeliana Sauvignon Blanc 2011, D’arenberg, McLaren Vale, Australia £12.50  1 bottle

Not just a name! Botryotinia Fuckeliana is indeed the infectious spore causing Noble rot (Botrytis Cinerea). It is thanks to this rot that we enjoy beautiful dessert wines like this one, the grape skins are weakened by the rot and the fruit’s water evaporates leaving behind sugars and nutrients perfect for making deliciously sweet and concentrated fruit flavour wines. This is a long sweet Sauvignon Blanc with a velvety combination of citrus fruits, zest, spice and minerals and good ageing potential if you can wait that long!

Price with wine club discount: £11.25


Extra Brut de L’Ormarine Piquepoul 2014, Languedoc, France £14.00  1 bottle

Cave de L’Ormarine haven’t stopped at the tasty Duc de Morny Picpoul. Their careful grape selection including picking grapes at different times for particular qualities has enabled them to choose fruit with plenty of aroma and high acidity perfect for this fun sparkling. What stands out with this great value fizz is the depth of flavour, the slight creaminess and fine mousse, this is the beauty of the traditional Champagne winemaking method which entails secondary fermentation in the bottle and then, in this case, 3 years on the lees. The perfect tipple for Pre-Christmas get-togethers!

Price with wine club discount: £12.60


Red Wines

Sibaris Carmenère 2012, Undurraga, Chile £10.00  2 bottles

Just 2 decades ago Carmenère vines (a once Bordeaux variety) were identified growing in Chile after having being mistaken for Merlot. A variety which relishes in heat and sunshine Carmenère takes its time to ripen, the grapes for this comforting autumnal red come from part of the Colchagua Valley which has both of these ingredients and a smattering of ocean influence. Made by the skilled Undurraga estate, one of Chile’s winemaking pioneers, this wine sees careful use of oak and is bottle-aged until mature. A full and juicy wine with plenty of dark fruits with herbs and spice to boot.

Price with wine club discount: £9.00

False Bay Pinotage 2013, Western Cape, South Africa £7.50  2 bottles

With this 2013 crop the winegrowers were on tenterhooks as warm, dry conditions and very little rainfall prevailed however the cooler temperatures eventually kicked-in in time to aid the ripening period and produce good fruit. The False Bay winemakers then worked their magic making a Pinotage which has bright plum and strawberry frut and a savoury smokiness, combining the rustic character of Cinsault and the elegance of Pinot Noir. Unfair to keep this amazing value wine to ourselves especially when game could be on the menu!

Price with wine club discount: £6.75

Barbazul 2012, Huerta de Albala, Cadiz, Spain £11.00  2 bottles

It’s the time of year when Mike will be taking a bottle or 2 of this home to enjoy with a juicy steak, and rightly so! This robust Andalucian blend of Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and local variety Tintilla de Rota certainly has enough flavour and structure to stand up to rich and seasoned meat dishes. The varieties are blended just before their several month maturation in French Oak and the result is a successful fusion of characters, velvety deep red fruit and some sweet spice are amongst the layers, an extremely enjoyable red.

Price with wine club discount: £9.90

Cost of wines before discount: £128.50

Bin Delivered price: £110 (£120 delivered nationally)

Cornish wines just keep on coming!

Engin and Liz from Trevibban Mill give enticing insights into their wines and the fruits of the last year at their Vineyard and Orchards just a stones throw from  Padstow. It’s great to be supporting yet another local vineyard and winery with some nice new additions to our shelves.

As we start our 2015 harvest here at Trevibban Mill I find myself looking back to this time last year and the amazing crop we picked, 24 tonnes of incredible clean ripe fruit. BinTwo have selected 3 delicious 2014 wines from our available 8 releases. All made in our state of the art winery with minimal intervention and plenty of passion.

imageWe had never intended to produce a red wine but our early Pinot Noir was too ripe for sparkling by the time our new winery, just 3 miles from Padstow, was ready to go. The wine, Trevibban Mill Black Ewe Red 2014, 100% early Pinot Noir, has good colour intensity and very fruity on the nose (blackcurrant, red fruits, forest fruits) and some spice (anise, clove, vanilla). In the mouth, rich in fruit (blackberry, red apple, red forest berries) with spice (clove) and herbs. For it’s age very complex, full-bodied with good alcohol impression (12.5%) and soft tannins. A great wine for this autumnal weather and it was awarded a Silver Medal at The International Organic Wine Awards in Germany.

Our Black Ewe White 2014 is 100% Reichensteiner which grows well on our mineral rich slate soils. On the nose very fruity, dominated by citrus aromas and elegant passion fruit. A complex wine on the palate with passion fruit, grapefruit, kiwi and gooseberry paired with some green pepper and accompanied by a lovely minerality and a warm finish.

Trevibban Mill Constantine Dry White 2014 is 70% Chardonnay and 30% Seyval Blanc. Fruity fragrances of nectarine, tangerine, pineapple combined with some smooth vanilla. In the mouth follows a beautifully structured and balanced wine full of fruit (peach, nectarine, pineapple) paired with warm aromas of honey, nuts and vanilla.

I should mention here the reason for our ‘Black Ewe’. The vineyard and orchards at Trevibban Mill are Organic, certified by The Soil Association. We do not use any herbicides and to help with weed control we graze a flock of native Southdown sheep in the vineyard during the winter and the orchards during the summer. Our first black ewe had such character that we have named our wines after her.

We also have apple orchards and today we are pressing for cider using our new apple press, the aroma of apples is wonderful. This year is a bumper year for apples and the grapes have been enjoying the September and October sunshine. Grape and apple picking will continue throughout October so let us hope the sun keeps shining.


Staff Favourites by Dee

A fantastic Autumn pick…

Magpie Estate The Mixed Thing 2013, Barossa Valley, Australia

I Dont want to say it out loud because if I do it means its true, Autumn is upon us, the nights are drawing in, and the temperature is cooling. So with this in mind I’ve chosen a gorgeous, comforting red, a new offering from Magpie Estate. ‘ The Mixed Thing’ is a very interesting varietal blend including Cinsault, Cab Franc and Sangiovese as well as a few others, seriously mixed up, but it works so well!
It is an easy drinking but relatively full bodied red. Bright and young and bursting with rich and sweet fruits, finishing with a little spice that lingers on the palate. This wine can also take a slight chilling for those not quite ready to give up on the summer drinks. It is a perfect accompaniment to an AutAumn BBQ, is simply divine with a cheeky pudding, (yes I did say pudding!!!)

Oh and did I say it’s just £10 a bottle? And of course a little less to our Wine Club members.