A taste of Australia…25th September

In the latest of our free wine-tasting events Julia Wright from Enotria Wines launches the welcome return of d’Arenburg wines to our shelves.  You may already be familiar with some of the wines from this fantastic Aussie winery in McLaren Vale – The Laughing Magpie Shiraz Viognier, Dead Arm Shiraz, Stump Jump Sticky Chardonnay and Hermit Crab Marsanne Viognier – they’re names that tend to stick in the mind.  We were hugely disappointed when these cracking wines became unavailable to us due to a change in importer and we’re hugely grateful to Julia for bringing them back to their rightful home at BinTwo.

To mark the occasion we’ll be hosting an informal free tasting at BinTwo for just 20 lucky wine club members.  Friday 25th September, 7pm-9pm.  Booking essential folks!  email  Over to Julia for a few words about herself and d’Arenburg…Julia seems like our kind of supplier and we’re delighted to welcome her to the extended BinTwo family!

Julia Wright (2)I have been in the wine trade for the past 15 years…. I sort of fell into really, through a love of wine. I completed my Wine and Spirits Education Trust Intermediate and Advanced Certificates (Ed: so she’s a bit of a wine boffin but too modest to say so)  then did a variety of freelance work including ad-hoc tastings and events for Wine Australia.

My work with them led to a role as Winery Liaison Manager for Mcguigan Simeon Wines working closely with Brian McGuigan. Following that I was a Brand Manager for Arrowfield Wines, also Australian.  

I then went on to become a self-employed sole trader selling wines to the on-trade here in Cornwall. I made the decision to sell my business 2 years ago as I missed being part of the wider trade, meeting the producers and the opportunity to travel etc.

Enotria is a very exciting company to work for. Arguably, the best wine supplier in the UK, they have an unrivalled portfolio of agencies and producers from all over the world and I am constantly discovering new wines, meeting new people– and getting paid!!  The great thing about the wine trade is you never stop learning and it is incredibly sociable!

The-Laughing-Magpie-Shiraz-ViognierStarted in In 1912 by Joseph Osborn, d’Arenburg is a world renowned, family owned, McLaren Vale winery that produces high quality, award winning Australian wines.  It was a small and humble start but over the years the vineyards have remained with the Osborn family and the wines have gained cult status amongst imbibers and judges.  The 1968 Cabernet Sauvignon won the Jimmy Watson Trophy at the 1969 Royal Melbourne Wine Show and the 1967 Red Burgundy (Grenache based) was awarded 7 trophies and 29 gold medals in Australian capital city wine shows.  By the 1970s d’Arenberg wines had become very fashionable, having gained a significant national and international profile in less than 20 years.

Enter the fourth generation, Chester d’Arenberg Osborn. From a very early age Chester was focused on continuing his family’s winemaking tradition.  After graduating from Roseworthy College and touring other Australian and European wine regions, Chester took over the reins as Chief Winemaker in 1984. He immediately set about returning the family’s vineyards to their traditional grape growing practices of minimal inputs and no fertilisation, cultivation and irrigation wherever possible, therefore achieving natural soil flavours with very low yields.

The winemaking processes of the past have been maintained, capturing the unique small-batch character of the wines and the true flavour of the McLaren Vale region. All grapes, red and white, are basket-pressed. The reds are still traditionally fermented with the grape skins (caps) submerged in open wax-lined concrete fermenters utilising the age-old technique of foot-treading.

Today, D’Arenberg is an internationally recognised wine brand commonly known as the ‘Red Stripe’ due to the distinctive diagonal red stripe that adorns the label.

Read more about d’Arenburg wines here

Bank Holiday Billecart Bonanza! 28th – 31st August

We like bank holidays…we like champagne.  Now, for the first time (well…possibly not the first time) we bring these two agents of leisure and pleasure together into the BinTwo Bank Holiday Billecart Bonanza!  OK so it’s not the classiest title for an event I grant you but the champagne on offer will make up for my clumsy alliteration.

Over the August bank holiday weekend we’ll be opening our full range of champagnes from Billecart-Salmon.  BinTwo regulars will already be familiar with the Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve and Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé that we serve on our terrace menu.  Luscious, sophisticated little numbers they are too and judging by the quantities that we sell you seem to agree!

If you’ve ever looked longingly at the more expensive offerings from Billecart-Salmon that grace our shelves then now’s your chance to try them by the glass.  We’re not holding back either…we’ll be popping the corks on the Blanc de Blanc, Brut 2000, Sous Bois and Demi Sec alongside our regular offering of the Brut Reserve and Brut Rosé.  To maximise your sense of bourgeois self-indulgence we’ll also be serving our Maine style lobster rolls (because as long as you’ve decided to be decadent why hold back?).

So what’s all the fuss about this Billecart?  Thank you…I’m glad you asked.  Billecart-Salmon is a medium-sized champagne house in Mareuil-sur-Ay, France.  Founded in 1818 with the marriage of Nicolas François Billecart and Elisabeth Salmon, it is one of the few champagne houses to remain family owned.  It is also, without doubt, one of the finest yet lesser known Grande Marque Champagnes, meaning that when we drink it for the first time we all get that warm glowing feeling that we’ve made a bit of a discovery!

Made with mainly Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier, Billecart-Salmon champagnes tend to be lively, elegantly textured and fresh with a very long finish.  Production methods remain largely unchanged and have been passed down through seven generations so we’re looking at champagne with genuine depth of heritage here – if you need convincing then the Cuvee Nicolas-Francois Billecart 1959 won first place in the Champagne of the Millennium 1999.  No mean feat when the competition comprised 150 of the finest 20th century champagnes.  A magnum of the winning champagne later sold for £3,300!

As I say…it really deserves more respect than to be sold under the banner of Bank Holiday Billecart Bonanza but there you go!


Staff Favourites by Kate

Domaine de la Rocaillère Beaujolais Vielles Vignes 2014 


The August folie calls for something light, juicy and easy-drinking and this Beaujolais is just the ticket. Vincent Fontaine’s 70 year old Gamay vines produce fruit with bags of concentrated flavour and character. Dispel any thoughts of thin, tart reds this Beaujolais is neither! Youthful, refreshing and luscious it certainly is.

A wine which is simple yet delicious, it’s bursting with ripe strawberries and aromas reminiscent of fruits of the forest, you will even detect a bunch of violets amongst all of those berries. Fontaine and his team have achieved a quaffable Gamay which combines fine tannin and suppleness through skilfully blending grapes from vines grown in both sandy and clay-lime soils found at the Southern end of Beaujolais AOC. This red is indeed the perfect picnic partner, chill lightly before heading off to find your favourite coastal spot!

At just £10.50 a bottle, £9.45 with our wine club discount, be prepared to get there quick before the thirsty BinTwo staff start shopping.

Bin Delivered Club Case Notes August 2015

Bin Delivered Club Case Notes August 2015

White Wine                                                                                                                Bottle shelf price                                                                                     

Domaine de Vedilhan Viognier 2013, Pays D’Oc, France                   3 bottles £8.00  

A fresh and elegantly fragrant style Viognier to add to your Summer supping selection. This grape is a tricky fella both in the vineyard and winery, among other challenges he requires a long warm season to ripen, if too hot the beautiful aromatics are lost to sugars and high alcohol. That’s where the brook which flows around the Domaine de Vedilhan plays its part, keeping the vines cool and irrigated. This Viognier is a gem, silky, peachy and outstanding value!

Sepp Moser Gruner Veltliner Von den Terrassen 2014, Austria        2 bottles £13.00 

Niki Moser, Sepp’s son, adds another angle to the 150 years of Moser Viticultural tradition and pioneering. His heart lies in making characterful wines emananating from healthy vines and soils and the Estate now duly prides itself on working as close to nature as possible using Biodynamic techniques. This lovely dry white has heaps of personality: green fruit, spice and herbal flavours, a flinty finish and great texture thoughout. Asparagus with hollandaise, smoked trout?…

Rosé Wine 

Domaine de Rocheville Le Troubadour Rosé 2014, Loire, France  2 bottles  £12.00

The Cabernet Franc grapes for this beautiful Salmon-pink rosé are grown in the Saumur-Champigny region  on the banks of the Loire valley. Reaping all of the benefits of the region’s low-rainfall micro-climate, thanks to its sheltered location between forest and river, the fruit ripens well to be rich and flavourful. Don’t be put off by the hue, darker than the Provence style rosés, this pink is dry, soft and aromatic, definitely one to be enjoyed this Summer.

Red Wine

Sileni Pinot Noir 2014, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand                           2 bottles £12.00 

In contrast to Le Troubadour’s small scale roots, this Pinot Noir comes from a sizey winemaking Estate (and one you may have met before) based in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand’s oldest established wine region. I love the open juicy style of this pinot noir with the expected savoury wrapper. The cheeky touch of merlot complements, adding softness and full black fruit to the cherries, berries and spice. This calls for a barbecue and a meaty fish steak.

Quinta da Garrida Reserva 2011, Dao, Portugal                                  2 bottles £10.00

A wine for those of you who enjoy a rich and intense red whatever the time of the year. A blend of  Touriga Nacional (80%), Portugal’s finest black grape variety, and Tinta Roriz (40%), otherwise known as Tempranillo, from the high Dao region where the variation between day and night-time temperatures are such that ripening is slow and the fruit retains acidity, aroma, flavour and freshness. Add a year in French and Russian oak and the result is very tasty, deep black fruits, mocha, vanilla…If you prefer to hold on to this as a winter warmer rest assured it will still make for good drinking in January.

Sweet Wine

Symphonie de Novembre Jurançon Doux 2011, France              1 37.5cl bottle £13.00

A little something for your Cornish blue or fruity summer sweet! A velvety nectar made from the Petit Manseng grape variety grown a stones throw from the Pyrenees at Domaine Cauhapé. The fruit is late-harvested in small quantities, drying to near raisins, then barrel-fermented and aged, producing a luscious wine with ripe exotic flavour.

Cost of wines before discount £131 – Bin Delivered price: £110 (£120 delivered nationally)