Hawksfield event set up

Out & About – We’ve gone mobile!

It has been a very exciting and busy time at BinTwo HQ in terms of events and getting out and about this summer!

It all started back at the beginning of June with the unforgettable ‘Vegging Out’ experience at Padstow Kitchen Garden (http://www.padstowkitchengarden.co.uk/)  – incredible food, beautiful wines and fantastic weather teamed with the charming (and very knowledgeable!) Ross Geach and a lovely group of guests.

In the same week we were up at the Royal Cornwall Show with Stratton Creber and Country & Waterside celebrating the launch of their ‘Prestigious & Personal’ portfolio (http://www.countryandwaterside.co.uk/). You can’t celebrate without a bit of fizz!

group welcomePKG logo Green20160609_132514

Also in June was the launch of our ‘Flight Club’ – a series of informal tasting events where we combine a little education with a healthy dollop of fun. This made even more exciting by the opening of our brand new Hub up at Hawksfield where we will be hosting many of our upcoming tastings & events. Keep your eyes peeled for a little video of Flight Club #2 Bordeaux!

Flight Club w Banner

Hawksfield event set up

We (Mike) built a really cool bar too! It’s pretty funky, well, we think so and the lovely people from The Cornish Concierge (http://www.thecornishconcierge.co.uk/) liked it too. So much so in fact that they asked us to support them with an amazing private event they were planning up at Padstow Kitchen Garden (I’m noticing a pattern here!). The feedback we received from the event was “loved every minute”, “unforgettable” and “spectacular” – wow! The bar proved to be a great talking point and the wines recommended by our lovely Kate went down a treat. We can’t wait to see and share with you the pictures of our little bar in action. I’m not sure Mike will agree with me on this, but, I think it needs a name! Suggestions please…

bar outside cornish concierge BinTwo Bar CC event

Anyway, now you know what we’re up to, we would love to know what you think. If you are looking for a unique bar for a small event you’re holding, fancy doing a food/wine collaboration with us or have any ideas where you’d like to see BinTwo ‘pop up’ next, please get in touch and let us know.

Name suggestions and event enquiries to harriet@bintwo.com