Flight Club #3 Argentina – Saturday 20th August


Flight Club #3 ArgentinaWhat’s Flight Club?  I’m glad you asked… it’s a series of informal tasting events where we combine a little bit education with a healthy dollop of fun.  You get to taste some lovely stuff in an ever so slightly structured way so that, if you wish to, you can learn a little bit more about wine.  But we’ll keep things light so that if all you want to do is try some different bits and bobs, you won’t feel like you’ve been dropped into night school.  We provide you with little crib cards with just enough information to cover the basics and a bit of room for your own notes so that, as Flight Club progresses, you can build a pocket sized compendium of wine facts.

Argentina+wine+mapIn our third outing we’ll be focussing in on Argentina.  To be perfectly honest since taking over BinTwo I’ve probably not given South America anywhere near the attention it deserves; a fact that our very own Charlotte has gently nagged me about since she joined us in April.  Charlotte is a Parisian on a one woman mission to introduce South American wines to a sceptical French audience.  She’s spending the summer with us to add to her already impressive knowledge of the wine world before she heads home to France to set up her own business importing and selling South American wines.

So it would be down right rude to not take advantage of her knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm.  Be careful what you wish for Charlotte – Flight Club #3 is all yours to host!

Charlotte will be taking us on a journey through Argentina.  Starting in the Salta Province of the North where Cafayate lies at up to 3111 metres above sea level; the highest vineyards in the world – ideal for growing distinctive Torrontes and Tannat grapes.  She’ll then dive down South to Rio Negro, all the way to an altitude of a mere 250m, where conditions lend themselves to growing Pinot Noir.  From there to Mendoza where 70% of all wine produced in Agentina is made.  A vast area of 160,000 hectares dedicated to vineyards.  Protected by the Andes in the West and the Argentine Pampas in the East, this is where the big boys hang out – Malbec bumping shoulders with Cabernet Franc and Bonarda.

VM0506_Ground-Beef-Empanadas-Picadillo-03_s4x3Because she’s properly clever Charlotte will also be knocking up an “aroma kit” to help demonstrate how we taste with our noses (bear with us here…trust us) and as if there was no end to her talents she’ll also be knocking up some traditional Argentian empanadas which she learned to make (very well) during her time spent in the country.  Phew!  We’ll put those together with some other bits and bobs to match to the wines we’ll be tasting.

All this for a measly £25 per person.  Sheer madness frankly.  The event will be held at our Hub at Hawksfield between Wadebridge and Padstow between 7pm and 9pm (ish).

Email to book your spaces.  Let us know if you’d like transport (or if you have spaces in a car available) and we’ll co-ordinate taxis and/or car shares from Padstow.