Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas shopping made easy with our list of gift ideas for wine lovers (and aspiring wine lovers!)

Christmas Cracker Case:

A gift wrapped case of 12 amazing bottles of wine carefully chosen to meet all your needs over the festive season.  £235 or just £211.15 to club members BUY NOW

Fizz Gift Box  Includes two of our very classy champagne flutes, champagne stopper and a smart gift box.  £20 or just £18 to club members plus the cost of whichever bottle of fizz you choose to put in the box.


Seriously now, there’s no point in buying a half decent bottle of wine then drinking it from a cracked naff old goblet.  A decent glass has a definite impact on how your wines taste so it’s worth making a modest investment.

6 of our beautiful wine glasses will set you back just £35 or £31.50 to club members.  Learn to swirl like a pro and exude essence of “wine expert”.  Click here for a free demo.

Big Bordeaux Glass Decanter Funky but practical, this party piece decanter will get the best out of your reds and pours like a dream.  Easy to clean too but mostly it’s just great fun and we all need that at Christmas!  £35 or just £31.50 to club members.  BUY NOW

Small gifts and stocking fillers:

“I don’t know much about wine but I know what I like” by Simon Woods.  A light-hearted but very informative short book for anybody interested in knowing just a little more about wine.  The perfect stocking filler.  £10 or just £9 to club members.

Champagne stoppers – perfect for stopping your fizz from going flat for a day or two.  An ideal gift for those who lack the commitment to see a bottle off in a single sitting.  £3.50 or just £3.15 to club members.

Proper corkscrew – no garish bells and whistles;  just a good quality corkscrew to give you the best chance of not messing up the opening of your Christmas lunch wine.  Gain respectful nods from those “in the know” and avoid the looks of bitter disappointment from your Mum as she fishes bits of cork from her Chablis.  £6 or just £5.40 to club members.

Gift wrap options for single bottles or pairs of bottles from just £2.50